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Change the way you clay with Shine Mist.

Unlike most clay lubricants on the market that only highlight “slickness”, Shine Mist focuses on “grab” as well. What this means is that when using Shine Mist, your clay bar or synthetic clay product will actually pull fall out and deposits off your paint with ease instead of just skimming over it, leaving the surface smooth to the touch.


  • Also works incredible as an polishing lube to lubricate your pad and extend your cycle time; allowing for a better finish. 

Customer Reviews

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Chris Kretvix
Great with clay or general purpose detail spray

I use this for clay lube and as a general detail spray as it contains no additives like ride shine or punch it. Good for wiping down a panel after polishing or compound to get ready for the next step. It’s also very inexpensive so don’t play yourself, buy the gallon!

Rusty Bauche

I’ve used plenty of other clay lube and detail sprays and and this is trumps them all! Stays lubricated doesn’t dry up like other competitors! Must have in your detailing collection.

Tyler Prewitt
The must have Clay Lube

Like with Ride Shine, I never allow myself to run low on Shine Mist. After learning more about the product and its wide variety of uses, I have a bottle of Shine Mist in each corner of my garage. I like to use it not only as a Clay Lube but also to aid in wet sanding and after machine work. Another home run for Shine Supply.

Andrew V.
Smooth & Clean lubricant

I use Shine Mist with a Clay Towel. It allows the towel to glide with minimal amounts of product used. It doesn't evaporate on a warm surface and stays lubricated allowing Product and residue to be wiped up with ease using an additional damp towel. Definitely a must when removing contaminants on paint surface.

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