Shift Soap - 16 oz.

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Shift your ceramic-coated vehicle to clean.

This pH neutral vehicle shampoo includes the finest blend of surfactants to quickly and gently clean your vehicle. This soap is the absolute definition of pure as it contains no silicone, sodium lauryl sulfate, waxes, polymers, or any other additives; making Shift perfect for washing ceramic-coated or matte finish vehicles. Regardless of what brand ceramic coating is on your vehicle, you can be confident Shift will provide incredible results while preserving the life of your ceramic coating. 


  • Works excellent on matte paint and vinyl wraps to pamper the surface during cleaning. 
  • Preserves the life of any ceramic coating. 
  • Works excellent with a foam gun. 
  • Thick, long lasting lather suspends dirt, allowing for the safest possible cleaning.
  • Best used in a Shine Supply Foam Gun or with the 2 bucket method. 
  • Always follow Shine Supply Proper Wash Methods for best results!

Customer Reviews

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Great products

The best

I’ve bought nearly every soap and foam soap. This is a go-to for customers that expect more striking appearance. Cleans so well it truly is an all in one solution for an entire vehicle and paint cleaning. You can get right to business after, and it leaves a very calming comforting smell knowing it’s cleaned.

Marahall Ludwig
Pure Awesomeness

I’ve been using shift for about 4 years now on my ceramic coated vehicles, it’s the best, hands down, what a great product, it’s all I buy, Aloha

Steve K
Long lasting suds!

Grabbed a bottle to try on my truck and wife’s car. Both vehicles have a coating on them.
Used it in the foam cannon and with a three bucket method.
The cannon payed down a thick foam blanket down, 1 ounce of soap to 31 ounces of warm softened water.
As far as using it in the bucket, added about two ounces to 4 gallons of softened water. The suds lasted the entire wash and were thick.
The soap did a great job of cleaning the surface and, on the rinse, the beading of the coatings was robust. The mitts glided very easily across the surface due to the lubricity.
I’ll be ordering a gallon on the next order.

Great results

After having my new Super Duty ceramic coated, my detailer recommended Shine supply for products to maintain my truck. Shift soap did a terrific Job cleaning my truck. A little produces great suds and really cleans well. I like the PH neutral aspect and no harmful chemicals. Head over to the throttle product for my review of that product.

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