Paint Decontamination Kit

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Decontaminate Your Paint

Decontaminating your paint plays a huge part in ensuring the life of your vehicles paint. Because you cannot see the contamination, it sometimes gets overlooked. This kit contains everything you need to perform both a liquid decontamination and a clay bar contamination to get your paint smooth and ready for protection.

What clay bar do I get? 

If your vehicle is newer and has not been subjected to heavy contamination, then you will want white, if your vehicle is older and the paint feels very rough purple will be what you want. Purple is a harder more aggressive grade clay while white is a softer fine grade clay.  

Kit includes:

How to use: 

  1. Pre-rinse vehicle to remove any loose debris off the surface. 
  2. Spray Smooth Move onto all the painted surfaces on the exterior of the vehicle.
  3. Using a foam gun or bucket method, soap the vehicle using Hot Shot Soap.
  4. Agitate the vehicle using your wash mitts.
  5. Rinse off the soap and dry the vehicle. 
  6. Lubricate the panel by spraying Shine Mist directly onto the paint.
  7. Glide the clay bar over the Shine Mist using straight passes and no down pressure.
  8. Once the panel is clayed, wipe off the Shine Mist and check the surface with your hand to ensure the paint is buttery smooth. 
  9. Move onto the next panel. 

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