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Slick Back Primer Polish - 16oz

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Ceramic infused polish.  

Slick Back is a primer polish with dual functionality. This unique formula will clear up light haze with ease producing a deep, high gloss. The polish works by building a layer of SiO2 (ceramic) on the surface which acts as a primer to an application of our Beadlock Pro Ceramic Paint Coating OR any of our waxes or sealants.

The SiO2 cross-links between your clear coat and the ceramic coating or wax/sealant to provide a stronger bond with the surface along with leaving the surface with greater protection. The effortless wipe off and dust free results make for a stress-free final polish. Its non-filling and silicone free blend gives you a TRULY perfect finish every time.


Apply four dime size dots of product to a foam polishing or finishing pad. Work a 2x2 sq. ft section at a time using overlapping passes until desired results are achieved. Remove product with a soft microfiber towel. 


  • There will be no need to wipe-down with an IPA based product like Throwback Paint Cleanser, prior to applying ceramic coating. Allow 1 hour cure time before applying coating for maximum benefits of the SiO2 primer. 
  • Works incredible on polishing a ceramic coated vehicle. Regardless of what some companies claims are about their ceramic coating, they all get light swirls in the surface over time. Slick Back Primer Polish works amazing to clear up these light swirls without completely removing the layer of coating. It’s got just the right amount of fine abrasives to clear up the surface and prep it to be reloaded with our Relock Express Coating, or a fresh layer of Beadlock. 

  • Works excellent topped with our Cherry Ceramic Wax for a super slick feeling, mind blowing gloss and long-term protection!     

Slick Back Primer Polish - 16oz
Slick Back Primer Polish - 16oz Sale price$36.00