Glass Polishing Kit

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Say Goodbye to Water Spotted Glass

Hard water spots are one of the worst things that can occur on your vehicle, when it comes to glass they can be a real pain in the behind to remove. This kit will provide everything you need to get your glass looking clear again! 

Kit includes: 

How to use: 

  1. Make sure glass is cleaned and dried. 
  2. Apply a fair amount of Glass Polish onto the Blue Applicator Pad, and apply it directly onto the glass using circular motions. 
  3. Grab a wet microfiber towel and mop up the Glass Polish residue. 
  4. Dilute Sun Shine 3:1 in the Glass Cleaner Bottle, use dilution chart on the bottle to help. 
  5. Mist Sun Shine directly onto the Glass Cleaning Towel, and wipe the glass, flip the towel and remove any streaking. 
  6. Enjoy your crystal clear glass! 

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