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Polishing and Ceramic Coating For DIY's

Do not be afraid to  polish and ceramic coat your vehicle! This kit was created for both detailer and DIY's that do not want to dive deep into correcting and ceramic coating paint but still want their vehicle shiny and protected. This kit is extremely user friendly and fairly simple, all while getting quality results. This kit will remove light to medium defects and provided over 12 months of ceramic protection for your paint! 

Kit includes: 

How to use: 

  1. Grab a DA Polisher and put on the HDO Orange Foam Pad. 
  2. Apply 4 dots of Burnout onto the pad. 
  3. Using medium down pressure polish the entire vehicle, do 3x3 sections at a time to get best results.
  4. After each panel, wipe off Burnout using a soft microfiber towel to observe your results and move on to the next panel.
  5. Once the vehicle has been polished, go around the vehicle and ensure there is no Burnout residue on the surface. 
  6. Un-bag your Relock kit, and grab two new microfiber towels for your leveling process. 
  7. Initially load up your Ceramic Coating Applicator Pad with 4 sprays of Relock and apply it to your desired panel. 
  8. After 60-90 seconds use two towels to level the coating, one will be used to initially level the coating, the second will be used to level any excess coating that was missed with the first towel. 
  9. Once the entire vehicle has been coated, observe your results!

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