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Get Decked Out.

This is a concentrated dressing, this 16oz bottle makes 32oz of product!


 Whether you prefer a high gloss or satin finish, Decked Out is a concentrated dressing aimed at giving your tires the look of perfection. This water based formula acts as a conditioner for your tires instead of just coating them in a shiny goop that will build up over time. Once your tires have soaked in Decked Out, they will be dry to the touch and non-greasy. You no longer have to worry about "flinging" tire dressing down the side of your car or truck after conditioning your tires. All of the shine and color is locked into the rubber, not just sitting on top. 

  • Dilute product to desired tire look
  • Always clean tire with Wise Guy Wheel and Tire Cleaner prior to application to ensure dressing can properly bond to tire 
  • For all terrain tires, mist product directly onto tire and give it time to soak into tire, then use a soft brush to level any excess product. 
  • For low profile tires, mist product directly onto applicator pad and apply product evenly onto the tire
  • Dilution rates: 1:1 for High Gloss, 2:1 for Satin Finish
  • Use Tarminator to remove any browning or blooming that is present on the tire after cleaning to ensure no tire dressing fling. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kevin Hernandez

Very nice tire dressing


Great solution, makes cleaning next time very easy

Tanner Heard

works perfect. Only thing I wish I could change about it is the price !


Best product I have ever used. It gives you that perfect clean tire look.


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