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Protection you can trust.

We are always trying to make something good even better along with fixing the things that aren't perfect with any of our products. As some of you know our Daddy-O sealant would separate overtime. We have been trying to correct this for 2 years now and have finally nailed it! This new formula includes a fresh sourced resin and other top quality raw materials that will deliver more durable protection and slightly easier wipe off. Lastly, we gave it a little facelift with the cool grey color and fun scent! 

Enjoy...we sure are!


Daddy-O! is a sealant that fights against the toughest weather conditions to make sure your cars paint stays protected. This unique resin based formula creates a rich, warm gloss and it stays on your paint wash after wash. We have personally tested it on our vehicles and it's lasted a full year with proper maintenance. Give your paint the ultimate protection it deserves with the big daddy of paint sealants! 




  • For best results apply with a DA polisher and Griots Red Foam Waxing Pad at speed 3. 
  • If you see any "shadowing" after removal, take a micro fiber, soak it in water, lightly wring out and with firm, slow passes wipe over the shadowing areas and then immediately wipe over the same area with a dry micro fiber towel. Repeat this process till the surface is crisp and all shadowing is leveled out. 
  • Use our Wet Detailer followed by Ride Shine after each wash to keep your layer of Daddy-O! rejuvenated and your vehicles finish looking absolutely amazing! 


Application: hand, DA polisher


2014 Corvette Stingray detailed by Stevens Detailing and coated with Daddy-O! sealant.


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