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Protection you can trust.  

Daddy-O! is a sealant that fights against the toughest weather conditions to make sure your cars paint stays protected. This unique resin based formula creates a rich, warm gloss and it stays on your paint wash after wash. We have personally tested it on our vehicles and it's lasted a full year with proper maintenance. Give your paint the ultimate protection it deserves with the big daddy of paint sealants! 


  • For best results apply with a DA polisher and soft foam polishing at speed 3-4. 
  • If you see any "shadowing" after removal, use a Shine Supply Detail Spray to level out the product! 
  • Use our Wet Detailer followed by Ride Shine after each wash to keep your layer of Daddy-O! rejuvenated and your vehicles finish looking absolutely amazing! 
  • Can be applied by hand or with DA Polisher.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews

    Once again, another fantastic product from good ol’ shine supply!

    Matthew L
    Paint Sealant

    It works really well you can see some of the gloss it's a warm gloss vs a high gloss. It was a little difficult to remove but overall I would buy it again.

    Matthew Covington/Game Over Car Care

    I put this on my personal truck a year ago in two weeks. This sealant provides such a warm gloss on paints its crazy! My truck is still beading up! I have only been using Wet Detailer to maintain the sealant on purpose and this combo beads water like crazy for it not to be anything more then sealants. Daddy-O has become a staple for me, always keep plenty to use on client's cars. Every product Jeremy and the Shine Supply gang produce and put out is going to be an outstanding product. SO happy I have found y'all and hats off to the team.

    Christopher Kretvix
    The “Daddy” of paint sealants

    This stuff is great. Goes on easy, comes off easy, smells good, and provides long lasting protection that makes the paint pop at the end of a detail. Another home run from shine supply


    Topped off a quick wash with this sealant, it’s incredible. Super easy to work with via a DA. Wiped right off after letting it set up.

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