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  • Next Level Apparel light weight 4.3 oz super comfy shirt.
  • Slightly fitted compared to our thicker 6 oz Ash Grey shirt.

 Stevens Detailing started in 1996 with a pager and a Thomas Guide (you might have to look up what that is).

There were no cell phones, Facebook or Instagram. There weren't "followers". And the only way to show off your work was taking pictures, waiting 3 days to develop the film and then show your friends and perspective clients. The company was built by door knocking, hitting the pavement and a determination to find work and build something significant. Jeremy Stevens, founder of Shine Supply and detailer at Stevens Detailing, knew that if you want to make it - you're gonna have to work hard and love what you do. This shirt represents everything that built Stevens Detailing and Shine Supply and it's the fuel that keeps us going every day. Our industry is flooded with ways to be successful and produce excellent results. Don't get lost in the accessibility and forget that there's 2 things that will keep you going for the long haul; Working hard and staying passionate. We are grateful for everyone that has chosen our brand and partnered with us as we ALL pursue our passion together. 

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The Stevens Detailing and Shine Supply T-Shirt

The Stevens Detailing and Shine Supply T-Shirt is not just any ordinary t-shirt; it is a representation of the hard work and passion that built the company. This t-shirt is an embodiment of the founder's determination to knock doors and hit the pavement to find work and build something significant. It is a symbol of the long hours spent in the detailing industry, taking pictures, waiting three days to develop film, and showing off the work to friends and prospective clients.

The shirt serves as a reminder that in a world where technology has made things easily accessible, the key to success is hard work and passion. The detailing industry is flooded with ways to produce excellent results, but the t-shirt encourages us not to forget the importance of staying passionate and working hard for the long haul. It is a testament to the brand's commitment to their customers, partners, and the industry as a whole.

Overall, the Stevens Detailing and Shine Supply T-Shirt is not just a piece of clothing; it is a symbol of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into building the company. It represents the founder's vision, and the passion that drives the brand forward. It is a great addition to any detailing enthusiast's wardrobe, not only as a statement piece but as a reminder to stay committed to their craft.

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