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Clearly better.

Meet your new favorite. Classic Cut Plus removes swirl marks, oxidation and severe defects in paint. This specialty compound works excellent on a variety of paint types, especially harder paints that tend to resist correction.

Classic Cut Plus contains an exclusive blend of abrasives, providing a consistent cut paired with an excellent cycle time and great finishing abilities.

These performance benefits leave minimal marring in the paint after compounding which simplifies your 2nd polishing step and saves you time.

Classic Cut Plus contains zero fillers, minimal dusting and easy wipe-off. Also available in a 16oz.


DA Polisher / Rotary Polisher / Hand


  • When using a DA Polisher, use microfiber pads for best results.
  • When using a Rotary Polisher, use wool pads for best results. 
  • When correcting soft paint, use a DA Polisher with a microfiber finishing pad. 
  • For maximum gloss and paint clarity, always follow with Classic Finish Plus or Classic Polish to remove any compounding marring/haze

Refer to our Compounds / Polishes Chart for a detailed comparison of our compounds and polishes.

Customer Reviews

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Stetter Detailing
Amazing results

Just finished doing a paint correction on a 2019 black GMC AT4, classic cut plus is a great new product, works great at removing scratches and swirls from difficult black paint plus easy wipe off, thanks again to shine supply for another great product.

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