Cloud 9 - 16 oz.

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Put all your metal surfaces on Cloud9.

Absolutely amazing cleaning ability with an extreme high gloss finish on any metal surface. This unique formula starts off with a light cleaning/cutting ability and then breaks down into a polish as you work the product leaving you with an amazing shine!

  • Works excellent on chrome, aluminum, diamond plate and stainless steel.
  • Takes the work out of polishing aluminum with its effortless wipe-off.
  • Amazing results when used to polish chrome.


Customer Reviews

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Amazing product!!

Justin Wise
I'm on cloud 9!

You will be on Cloud 9, while using Cloud 9! Bumpers, wheels, tail pipes, diamond plate, etc. Watch them come to life as this stuff goes to work. You're gonna notice instant results as this stuff starts cleaning then polishing out you're metal surface. Removing years of neglect and weathering and leaving you with a shine you may not have known was achievable!

Tim Doublon
Why did I wait so long...

This is seriously the best metal polish I've used. I tried many different companies with different style products, from thick pastes to really runny polishes.

This is by far the best polish I've ever come across! My aluminum skid plates on my car never looked so good. The cherry on top is the protection that this product offers in addition to the amazing cleaning and polishing abilities. Water just beads off as if it were coated!

This is definitely my go to polish now, and I'd recommend it to anyone who's looking to end their search for the best. This is it!

Christian Reyome
Bad ass

the best of the best right here! I have nothing but great things to say about this product! The best metal polish I've ever had in my arsenal

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