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ZERO fillers. Unmatched cutting and finishing ability.

As a professional detailer, your most costly expense is your time. Chop Top provides you with fast, severe defect removal on even the hardest of clear coats, saving you time and money. If you could imagine a compound that would remove defects equal to if you were using 3000 grit sandpaper - while leaving the finish almost LSP ready - it's now a reality with Chop Top. 

Chop Top is designed to give you extreme cutting capabilities. This unique formula allows you to quickly remove up to 1500 grit sand scratches and severe defects. Not only will Chop Top give you an insane cut, but it will also finish down to an amazing gloss, saving you time and effort on your following steps. This product is designed to be used with a rotary polisher and wool pad however it is certainly not limited to this combination. Works excellent with large throw DA polishers. Body shop safe and VOC compliant.


  • Excellent results when used with a rotary polisher and wool pad. 
  • When using with a Dual action polisher on softer paints - use HDO Blue foam pads. 
  • When using with a Dual action polisher on harder paints - use Uro-fiber pads.  
  • Chop Top’s aggressive cut and amazing finishing abilities will shed hours off your paint correction jobs. 
  • Mind-blowing results on clear coat, gel coat, and single-stage paint systems. 


  • When using with a rotary polisher and cutting foam pad, run at 1200-1400 rpm. Use slow arm speed which allows the product to maximize its cutting ability. 
  • When using with a rotary polisher and wool pad,  run at 1400-1600 rpm for maximum results. Use slow arm speed which allows the product to maximize its cutting ability. 
  • Use spritzes of our Shine Mist to extend the cycle time of the compound even further.          

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Garrett Terry
Nothing Else Comes Close

I’ve used heavy cut compounds from 15+ well known names in the industry, and none of them lived up to their hype quite like this one does.

No need to sand all the way up to 3000 before buffing with this stuff, stop at 1500 and chop top will have your paint looking flawless in 2 or 3 passes.

Do yourself a favor and stock up with the quart sized jugs instead of wasting your money on the 8oz, I wish I had!

Howard Humphries
Look out defects!

This compound is incredible, in short. For more advanced detailers that sand and need a product to level the aftermath quickly....this is it. I always grab my rotary and a wool pad and go to town after sanding. If sanding isn’t required and you just need an aggressive compound to quickly level defects, DA, microfiber, chop top and it’s game over. Also finishes down very nicely. On harder paints I’ve found that this Combo will actually leave the finish LSP ready! Thanks for another great product Jeremy!!!

Von Dewey
Excellent Product

Chop Top is the best i've used to date. I've tried many different compounds and this one takes the gold. I do alot of testing on panels to test products. I've done paint correction and paint enhancements for 40 yrs. and Shine Supply produces gold standard products.

Carbone Pristine Detailing

So I wanted to give some much needed positive feedback about shine supply and there product “Chop Top”! I’ve been Detailing for the past 20 years and I’ve tried a lot of different products... I always go back to the same brand, that’s until my friend Scott at Detail Division turned me on to it. It is a dream to work with, easy on and easy off with minimal fling and dust! Not only that but it cuts your compounding in half! So that =$$$ in your pocket. I can’t thank the guys and girls at Shine Supply for the fast delivery and there amazing customer services. I will definitely be switching my arsenal over to this company. Thank you again sincerely Nate Carbone.

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