Ceramic Complete Washing Kit

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Proper Washing is Key.

This Complete Washing Kit includes the essential products when wanting to wash your vehicle. Proper wash methods are crucial if you demand a swirl free vehicle, with both our Flat Out 4-pack Wash pads and Block Party Wash Block you will be able to properly wash your vehicle without the worry of putting in swirls. this kit is compatible with both a Garden hose or Pressure washer! 

Kit Includes:

How to use: 

  1. Pre rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris off the surface. 
  2. Fill Shift Soap to fill line, and the rest water in your foam gun. 
  3. Foam the the entire vehicle using the foam gun. 
  4. Using the Flat Out Wash pads, scrub the upper portions of the vehicle, use one side of a mitt for each section of the vehicle to ensure you are using a clean mitt for every section of the vehicle. 
  5. Use Block Party Wash Block for the lower sections of the vehicle. 
  6. Rinse off soap and dry the vehicle.

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth beachum
Safer alternative to the “2 bucket wash method”


Block party and the flat out pads are very soft and plush. They will cause no marring or surface scratches if used properly, unlike a few other wash mitts I have tried.


The foam cannon works great, plenty of thick/shaving cream like foam and the build quality is there. It does leak a tiny bit but overall a great lance.


Non biased. This is THE best pure automotive shampoo I have personally used. From the smell, to the lubrication properties, it is a 10/10 IMO. And I have used quite a few shampoos in my days of detailing. Nothing tops this in my experience.

While, “automotive soaps are just automotive soaps, they are all the same.” is said, yeah I get it, and I somewhat agree, But this one is very solid and I suggest giving it a try if your vehicle is coated.

Jeremy and the Shine crew have been amazing with customer service, and shipping. With it being more difficult to ship overseas, as I live on Oahu Hawaii and am stationed at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, I have had no issues or shipping delays them at all and each package has arrived in surprisingly a very timely manner with how insane shipping to Hawaii is. Truly a great company.


- Kenny B

David Collins
Best & Curtious

I have always tried to shop small businesses because I have one myself . What is so special about Shine Supply is they have what I think are the best products and Very Curtious / friendly service .
My Go to Place .

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