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Don't get bugged.

Removing bugs and insect debris doesn’t have to be a pain.

Bug Off easily removes bugs and insect debris from your paint, glass, aluminum, chrome, plastics, and vinyl. In the matter of seconds, Bug Off takes a grueling task and makes easy work of it. You literally watch the bugs and insect debris begin to dissolve on contact.

Not only do all those nasty bug remains look bad but they can also cause permanent damage to your vehicle. When a bug smashes into the front of your vehicle, its insides are instantly splattered and mixed together. This results in an acidic goop that bonds to the surface of your vehicle. If not properly treated and removed in a timely matter, this acidic goop will begin to eat away at the surface its on, leaving etchings and discolorations. 


  • Bug Off must be diluted. Use a Shine Supply spray bottle to dilute product 3:1. The bottle has dilution tabs to help you easily dilute product.
  • Check out our Bug Mitts, these work amazing when paired with Bug Off.

Customer Reviews

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Bug Melter

After nearly 2500 miles of driving between AZ and CA in a month, I could barely see out the windshield. Sprayed some 3:1 Bug Off and let it soak for a minute or two and literally wiped them away with the wash mitt. No scrubbing, or extra pressure required. Saved so much time and worked so well.

Zach M
Can't Beat This!

This stuff is AMAZING! Can be sprayed all over the veh!
Paint, windows, chrome, etc!
Little bit goes a long way and this product makes bug removal a BREEZE!

English's Detailing

This product is an absolute must have in your arsenal! Whether you're detailing your personal vehicles as a hobby, or detailing as a business, this product is sure to make your life much easier. With Bug Off, you don't even need to scrub with a bug scrubbing pad. It's just that good! For my process I simply spray the bumper, windshield, and side mirrors with Bug Off 3:1, let sit for a minute or two, foam the car down with my foam cannon, and wash! Bugs come right off with the wash mitt and leave the surfaces bug free!

Bryan Jarvis
Best stuff ever

This is a must buy. Let the bug off soak for a few minutes and bugs just fall off without much effort at all. Love this stuff

Trenton Janiga

Diluted 3:1 works like magic! Combined with the bug scrub pad and it’s a knockout!! Awesome product!

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