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Boat Maintenance Kit

Sale price$99.00

Everything you need to keep your boat or watercraft dialed in!

Protect and maintain your water craft with our Boat Maintenance Kit! This kit has everything you need to keep both the exterior, and interior of your water crafts looking their best in and out of the water.

What's in the kit?  

AFTERMATH - water spot remover/quick detail spray:

You've had fun on the water all day but now it's time to clean up. Aftermath quickly removes water spots from the day and leaves the surface glossy, along with boosting protection. The traditional vinegar and water method to remove water spots will dry out our gelcoat and strip any protection you have on the surface. Aftermath enhances the finish rather than leaving it dry and dull. 

SUNSETTER - vinyl seat cleaner/conditioner:

Sunsetter cleans and conditions, leaving your seats hydrated and protected. Using this product on a regular basis will help prevent cracking and fading...and don't worry, it won't leave your seats greasy like cheap dressings. Our unique formula absorbs into the seats, leaving them dry to the touch.

WAKE-UP - one-step polish & protection:

The hot summer sun is brutal and quickly breaks down traditional waxes. Our ceramic cleaner wax is loaded with unique ingredients that won't break down under the sun's UV rays. We've also included a light cleaning agent that helps clear up stubborn water spots that won't come off with your normal wipe downs. Apply it freely in the sun or shade.

Kit Contains: