Beadlock Glass Ceramic Coating

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Clear your view. 

Beadlock Glass Coating is a nano ceramic coating specifically designed for glass. This unique, easy-to-use ceramic coating creates an extremely hard, slick, clear barrier of protection on exterior glass surfaces. Beadlock Glass Ceramic Coating is our best answer for how to maximize the safety of driving in adverse weather conditions and keeping glass surfaces cleaner for longer with a strong hydrophobic, self-cleaning effect. 

Kit includes:

  • 30 ml bottle Beadlock Glass 
  • Applicator pad

Product Highlights:

  • Creates a Hydrophobic & Slick Glass Surface
  • Extremely Detergent Resistant
  • No Cure Time Required
  • Easy Application
  • 12 Month Durability 


Shake well. Make sure the glass surface is clean. It is highly recommended to clay and/or polish the glass prior to application. The cleaner the glass, the better the coating will adhere and perform. 

Check to ensure the glass surface is not hot to the touch. If so, cool the glass by running cold water over it and then thoroughly dry. Always try to work in the shade or perform the application early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid high temperatures that will adversely affect the coating’s application.

Apply a generous amount of Beadlock Ceramic Glass Coating to an applicator of choice. Frame the glass area to coat and then cross-hatch to thoroughly spread the coating evenly. Once the glass has been sufficiently coated, proceed to leveling off the excess until glass is streak free and crystal clear. No dwell time is required. Repeat for all exterior glass surfaces. Multiple coats are not required. 

Coating is immediately effective with no cure time necessary!

Pro Tips:

  • Do not use coating on a hot surface, streaking and hazing may be observed after wipe off. Use Shine Supply Slick Back polish to remove this hazing, coating will not be removed in the process and will still be effective.
  • Use 2 microfiber towels in your product leveling process.

Customer Reviews

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Derek Belton
Derek Belton

Beadlock glass is exactly what it should be no nonsense easy to use professional results. Exactly why I continue to use shine supply products pro grade results Every time,Every product!

Great, as Always!

When I saw thus coating for glass advertised I immediately contacted Shine Jr. Once I applied this coating, I began seeing the immediate effects driving in the rain. I DIDNT TOUCH THE WIPERS and the rain flew off my windshield. Great stuff! Oh, and their packaging is cool too🤙

Matthew Neil
Easy coating to apply

Just applied the glass coating to the windshield, mirrors and all glass. Extremely easy to apply, leveling was a breeze. After applying to all glass I only used about 1/4 of the bottle. Will report back with how well it holds up and hydrophobic behavior.


Best glass coating On the market! Simple and quick

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