Shine Supply Drying Towel XL - 20" x 40"

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Your new favorite.

"Towels are a bright neon green instead of our classic blue, due to supply chain issues. The classic blue will be back in stock soon."

The perfect drying towel for your vehicle. Also works well with our Eco Shine Rinse-less Wash Methods. Use the gray twist pile side for the initial wipe, and follow up with the blue plush side to clean up any residual dampness and streaks on windows. The 20" x 40" size is perfect for quickly drying large areas. 

The twist pile design glides softly across paint, glass, and plastic surfaces, while absorbing water leaving the surface streak-free. This 1100 gsm microfiber drying towel performs particularly well on windows and mirrors and can still absorb streak-free when slightly damp.

  • 20”x 40”
  • 1100 gsm
  • 75/25 blend
  • Hidden Edge - Inside Sewn

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