All In One Polish & Wax- 16oz.

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Clean, polish, & protect in one easy step.

All In One contains advanced micro-abrasives that will remove light swirls and minor paint defects while leaving behind protection. This unique formula is fortified with polymers & wax and is the perfect choice when you are wanting to give your paint a nice shine and protection in one easy step!

ALL IN ONE is very easy-to-use regardless of your detailing skill level and is safe for all paint types.

ALL IN ONE is perfect for those details where you aren’t looking for heavy swirls and surface scratch removal but you’re wanting to create gloss and protection in one simple step. This stuff isn’t make-up for your paint - meaning it doesn’t wash off within a few washes like some “All-In-One” type products. Shine Supply ALL IN ONE actually restores your paints clarity with its advanced micro-abrasives technology. This means you are left with healthy, shiny paint and results you can count on.


  • Restores paint clarity, creates high gloss and enhances the paint color
  • Leaves the paint protected with a pure carnauba wax
  • Applies great in sun or shade
  • Good for any clear coats. 
  • Works great by hand or Dual Action polisher


Shake well.

For hand use:

Apply directly to an applicator pad and work into each panel of the vehicle. Leave the product on each panel as you work around the vehicle. Once applied to the entire vehicle remove using a soft microfiber towel.

For use with a dual action polisher:

Apply 6 dime size dots of product to foam pad initially, this primes the pad. After each panel reapply 4 dots. Work a 2 ft by 2 ft section at a time using slow, overlapping passes. Leave the product on each panel as you move around the vehicle. Once applied to the entire vehicle remove using a soft microfiber towel.


  • Use our RIDE SHINE detail spray to remove the All In One. Spray RIDE SHINE liberally on the surface and remove the product. Use 2 towels. 1st towel for your initial wipe and 2nd for the final wipe. This step adds additional gloss and enhances the color to the paint!
  • If you want to leave the surface boosted with ceramic protection after applying ALL IN ONE, top with our PUNCH-IT synergy spray and leave the paint layered with ceramic based protection!

Customer Reviews

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Super easy and efficient product

jordan garcia

all I can say is wow! this product is amazing, brought back the color back alive, i use this more on the roof of the car! like always shine supply you guys have the best products!!!

John Wright
Fantastic product

I got it cause I was looking for a true all in one polish and wax product to speed up some details for a local dealership I work with it and I have to say I'm truly impressed. It's fantastic my only complaint is I'm not a fan of the scent but I'm not a huge fan of the lemonish scent. But that won't stop me from getting it again it's a fantastic product.

Mario Tovar
All In One

This product is phenomenal! It’s smells great and actually works, removed some mud stains on the paint while leaving protection! I think this might now be my favorite shine supply product. You have to try it out yourself to see what I’m talking about!

Jonathan Hilt
AIO Done Right

This product is excellent for adding that coveted “sizzle” to a Detail job. Stacked with either wax or heavier paint sealant, All In One OG delivers knockout results.

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