Classy Chassis - 16oz w/ Black Sprayer

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Keep your undercarriage dialed.

Don’t let a neglected undercarriage ruin your detail. Classy Chassis is an undercarriage spray that gives you "like new" looking wheels wells and frame. Simply mist it on your inner-fender guards, frame supports, and suspension components to give your ride that classy look it deserves. 

Unlike water-based dressing that break down with your next wash, Classy Chassis is solvent based meaning it resists water making it last longer!

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Caution: Dripping excess may cause stains on cement surface. Make sure you take the appropriate precautions to avoid staining driveways or decorative concrete. 


Spray Classy Chassis onto the surface and allow to soak while you perform other parts of the detail. Come back with a paint brush (that's what we like to use) and brush over the surface. This evens out the finish and eliminates any "veins" left in the dressing.

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Fridman
Classy Chassis

Used a paint brush like suggested and it turned out awesome. Highly recommend.

Undercarriage cleaner

This stuff works really well I would 100 percent keep buying this stuff for plastic wheel liners and plus it is solvent-based it really helps better than water-based no question asked. Makes my frame look like new buy the 1 gallon like I did.


Makes the frame and suspension look brand new, used on my 5 year old truck. Cleaned it up and then applied, a little goes a long way. Has lasted several months pretty pleased with longevity and ease of application.

Juan Diaz
Undercarriage never looked this clean before until this product!!

Wow let me tell you something this product is amazing. It literally makes your undercarriage look so much better almost as if it was new. I let it dwell for 25-30 minutes after a wash as I apply a wax and tire dressing on my car. After the wipe down of my goodness I’ve never seen cleaner wheel arches and a dialed suspension come in so clean!! With the plastics being dressed I assume they will prevent cracking and fading and the fact that water doesn’t break it down makes me save time the next time around. Thank you shine supply for making this product work!!

Jeremy Gallahan

Bought a small bottle of this stuff to try it out... well I should have bought the gallon. I've tried other undercarriage sprays and they are NOTHING like classy chassis. No streaks or spotting. Will definitely be purchasing more products from here.

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