Ultra-Plush Microfiber Towels 16"X24"

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Great towel. Great price. 

The ultra-plush 16"x24" is the best choice for removing wax, polish or detail sprays or water-less wash at such a low price. We have higher quality towels that perform better but they in no way discredits these. If you need a good towel but there is a chance it could get damaged easily by the working environment (dropped on the ground, misused by someone,etc) then this towel is a great choice. 

If you're looking for our most recommended exterior towel regardless of the price, then check out our Hyper-Soft towel.


  • Made with 70/30 microfiber blend
  • Two plush heights for versatility
  •  Silk-banded edges 



Microfiber towel blend facts:

The blend of microfiber refers to the ratio of polyester to polyamide. Both are man-made fibers. Polyester is noted as the stronger fiber and, because of its incredible durability, there is always a higher percentage of polyester found in microfiber. Towels made with an 80/20 blend are most often multi-purpose towels because they hold up well to a wide variety of tasks. 

Polyamide is a derivative of nylon. Polyamide gives the microfiber a softer, silkier texture. Towels made of 70/30 microfiber are often designated as buffing towels because of their fluffy softness.

  • Weight = thickness

  • Weight does not affect the quality of the microfiber

  • Blend refers to the ratio (in percentages) of polyester to polyamide