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Beadlock Trim Ceramic Coating - 50ml

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Protect trim long-term.

BEADLOCK Trim is the ultimate solution for protecting your vehicle's plastic trim while preserving a sleek, black finish. Our ceramic coating protection will keep your trim looking like new, no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. With BEADLOCK Trim, you won't have to worry about UV damage, or your trim beginning to fade. Get the protection and look you want with BEADLOCK Trim coating. 

  • - Protect your trim from fading, giving you that continued new-car finish.
  • - Lasts up to one year. 
  • - Shields your trim against the sun's harsh UV rays and other elements.
  • - Easy application 
  • Directions:


    Ensure the trim is clean and free from any previous dressings. We suggest using an All Purpose Cleaner to pre-clean the trim. Spray the APC on a microfiber towel and thoroughly rub down the trim. Follow this step with a wipe down using Shine Supply THROW BACK to remove any residue from the APC. You can use a glass cleaner if you don’t have THROW BACK. The trim is now prepped and ready for BEADLOCK Trim application. 


    Add BEADLOCK Trim onto a small applicator pad of your choice. Rub it vigorously into the trim. Wait at least 5 minutes for the product to settle in. Take a clean microfiber towel and gently rub it over the trim to smooth out the coating. Get a second microfiber towel and remove any excess coating that may have overlapped your paint or glass.

    Prop Tips:

  • We suggest using Shine Supply SOLUTION as your All Purpose Cleaner.
  • Always level the coating with a clean microfiber towel after applying to ensure an even finish. 
  • Make sure you wipe off any trim coating that has overlapped onto the paint or glass to prevent any high spots.
  • Beadlock Trim Ceramic Coating - 50ml
    Beadlock Trim Ceramic Coating - 50ml Sale price$85.00