Sun Shine Glass Cleaning Kit

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Cleaning glass just got easier.

Hey there! Just a quick heads up: our yellow glass towels are currently out of stock. But don't worry, we've got you covered with some microfiber waffle weave towels as a temporary replacement. They work great too! Thanks for your understanding!

Sun Shine is a highly concentrated glass cleaner that promises to leave your windows looking perfect. Having crystal clear windows on your vehicle not only completes its desired look, but also provides an advanced level of safety by enhancing the driver’s visibility.

With only a few sprays, Sun Shine will remove frustrating smudges, stubborn bugs, fingerprints and smoke film from all of your vehicles windows. Its streak-free formula will give you perfect results in just seconds, making ideal for all users.

Many glass cleaners contain chemicals like ammonia that can stain and destroy window tint. Sun Shine is 100% ammonia free. This ensures safe cleansing of tinted windows and display screens.

You will not find another window cleaner like this one. Its unique make up actually resists finger prints and smudges. In a sense, it not only cleans your windows but helps protect them as well.

Use Sun Shine on instrument panels, LCD screens, mirrors, vinyl windows, and chrome.

Kit includes:

Pro Tip:

  • For best results use with one of our yellow glass cleaning towels and follow up with one of our small drying towels.
  • If your glass is stained with hard water spots, use our Glass Polish to remove any contaminants before cleaning with Sun Shine.
  • For best results on your vehicles windows, dilute Sun Shine 3:1 with distilled water. (1 part product - 3 parts water)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I clean my windows now

After 40 years of never been happy with glass cleaners and believe me I have tried a lot, I just stopped cleaning them and would just wipe them down to clean and remove the haze. Not anymore, I clean the window with Shine’s glass cleaner because it works.
Thanks for the clear windows!

Aaron Thompson
Wow No Streaks

I’m a person that reads reads reviews and all the reviews was great, so I decided to try it out so my review is just like everyone else’s this product is great will definitely purchase again.

streakless beauty

Once I bought a car that I actually cared about (c5z), I dabbled into Adams products and thought they were legit until I went to a local shop and they didn't offer any.... LOL.

I found this stuff on @papawells IG story because he swears by it. I'm glad I got some. Now to stock up on shine supply and use up all my Adams stuff haha.

Check out my IG @zebrew

Best Product on the market.

I’m a weekend warrior detailer and love to try new products and methods, I stumbled upon shine supply via Instagram and have admired the passion Jeremy puts into his craft. I’ve tried just about every product on the market for glass cleaners and was failing to get perfect results so I figured I’d try shine supplies glass cleaner and wow was I amazed! This product does wonders to glass, smells great and for the price you get a lot. I’d never consider using anything else besides this on my glass.

Nicholas Sholtis
Clear Vision

I am so sick of cleaning my windows during the day with a plethora of products and thinking wow these are great. Then while driving at night I quickly realize I cannot see and there are streaks. Mind you I always used 2-3 microfibers and glass specific towels. This came in, I diluted it, and applied it. I did this around dusk and all was well. Go to drive my Fiances car which I also did, and there wasn't a single streak! This stuff works and it works well. I cannot recommend this enough. Seriously the streaks are gone simply due to a product and not changing anything else!

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