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Paint Enhancement Kit

Sale price$100.00

Paint Enhancement Details Just Got Easier

There is a huge market for clients that are wanting their vehicles paint enhanced meaning the swirls and light defects removed rather than a full correction that does not fit their budget. This kit will give you great cutting ability while leaving minimal marring that can be removed in a quick polishing step. This kit works amazing on all paint types and has been tested in our active detail shop for our enhancement details! 

Kit includes: 

How to use: 

  1. Using Classic Polish paired with a Tango Microfiber Pad, polish the paint. Do not let the Classic Polish fool you, this product will give you the cut you need for an enhancement without leaving large amounts of haze or dust. 
  2. Doing a 3x3 section at a time, use slow arm speed and medium down pressure with your machine on speed 5.
  3. After you have polished the vehicle, use Classic Finish Plus paired with the HDO Black Foam Pad, refine the light marring that was left behind from your initial polishing step. 
  4. Use faster arm speed with light down pressure and your polisher on speed 
  5. Inspect your results!