Pads & Applicators


Griots Orange Foam Correcting Pad

Dense Euro foam quickly removes defects. Angled foam edge maximizes footprint improving productivity. Cycles smoothly with Rupes or any DA polisher.

Griots Black Finishing Pad

Soft foam refines light imperfections and restores depth and clarity. Angled foam edge maximizes footprint and provides an amazingly smooth cycle. Works awesome with the Rupes or any DA polisher.

Griots Red Waxing Pad

Ultra-soft foam is perfect for finishing out soft paint. Also great for applying your final sealant - Daddy-O paint sealant of course. Angled edge maximizes footprint and provides an amazingly smooth cycle.

Griots Fast Cutting Disc

Plush-nap micro fiber removes moderate to heavy defects faster then foam. Superior energy transfer, from machine to surface, for maximum performance.

BOSS Innerflex Pad

The BOSS™ Innerflex Pad reduces the aggressiveness of the foam pad when you use it with while adding a cushioning effect that helps the pad conform to body panel contours. It also helps reduce temperature buildup and extend pad life.

Meguiar's 7" Wool Heavy Cutting Pad

Meguiar's 1" twisted wool fibers deliver fast-cutting results for increased technician efficiency. The flat pad design expands the cutting area to reduce buffing time by quickly removing sanding marks and other paint defects.

Meguiars Microfiber Cutting Disc

Microfiber disc technology cuts through moderate surface defects with no swirls. Engineered foam interface for optimal cutting efficiency, and controlled conformability. TIP: Use with All in One Microfiber Edition or Classic Cut for excellent defect removal.

Meguiars Microfiber Finishing Disc

New microfiber disc technology refines surface to a high gloss finish. Engineered foam interface for controlled conformability and optimal finishing. TIP: Use with Classic Polish for excellent light defect removal with a perfect finish.

Buff and Shine 7 inch Wool Pad

Buff n' Shine wool cutting pad with centering ring fits perfectly on a our 6 inch rotary backing plate.

Buff and Shine 3" Wool Pad 2-Pack

100% 4 ply twisted wool heavy compounding pad.   2-pack. Recommended for buffing: 1750-2400 RPM