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Clean 'N Simple Kit

Sale price$250.00
Foam Gun:

Clean results, simple process. 

In this kit, you have everything you will need to dial in your wheels, tires, paint, and interior; and leave your vehicle beamin' and protected. If you are looking for a simple kit you can use to detail your daily driver, this is the kit for you! This kit contains some of Bryce's favorite Shine Supply products to get his truck looking pristine inside and out.



  1. Always start with the wheels and tires, rinse wheel and tire, spray Wise Guy directly onto the wheel and tire, use Detail Factory Detailing Brush to scrub the wheel, and Detail Factory Tire Brush to scrub the tire, rinse wheel and tire, then proceed to the next wheel. 
  2. Pre-rinse the vehicle to remove any loose debris from the surface. 
  3. Soap the vehicle using Shift Soap, whether you are using the bucket or foam gun method. 
  4. Scrub upper portions of vehicle with Flat Out Wash Pads, and scrub lower sections with Block Party Wash Block
  5. Rinse soap off vehicle. 
  6. Recommended to blow out all cracks and crevices, then use the Shine Supply Drying Towel to dry the vehicle. 
  7. Spray Decked Out directly onto the tires, let it soak for 10-15 minutes, then use Soft Bristle Wheel Brush to level the dressing. 
  8. Using Ignition and the Cosmo Towels, wipe down the truck by spraying the product onto the towel and wiping a panel, then flip the towel and level out any excess product residue.
  9. For interior cleaning, spray Cruise directly onto your towel and wipe down your dash, door panels, navigation screen, gauge cluster, leather, etc. 
  10. After you have washed the vehicle, you can also use Ignition for your mid-week wipe-downs to remove any light dust and debris without having to perform another wash! 
Clean 'N Simple Kit
Clean 'N Simple Kit Sale price$250.00