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Everything You Need To Dial In Your Interior

You are in your interior 100% of the time you are driving, therefore you want it as clean as possible. Luckily, this kit has everything you need to not only clean you interior, but to condition and protect it as well. This kit will get your interior looking like new again while leaving it protected against those harsh UV rays. 

Kit includes: 

How to use: 

1. Clean all interior surfaces using Leather and Interior Cleaner paired with the Scrub Ninja pad and the Vent and Dash Detail Brush. 

2. Spray Leather and Interior Cleaner directly onto the Scrub Ninja Pad and scrub the bulk of the panel.

3. Use the Vent and Dash Brush to clean the nooks and crannies throughout the panel, spray Leather and Interior Cleaner directly into the brush.

4. Wipe off cleaner using a microfiber towel. 

5. Dilute Carpet Cleaner 4:1 in the Shine Supply Spray Bottle, use dilution chart on the bottle to help. 

6. Spray Carpet Cleaner onto the carpet and upholstery and agitate using the Multi Purpose Brush. 

7. Use Leather Conditioner and a White Applicator Pad, apply a good amount onto the pad and apply the product onto all the leather surfaces in the interior. 

8. Using Dressed Up the second White Applicator Pad, spray product directly onto the pad and apply to all the plastic and vinyl surfaces throughout the interior. 

9. Enjoy your clean and conditioned interior!

Customer Reviews

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Silas Bargo
Simply the best!

Once again, shine supply knocked this one out of the park. Everything that you need to keep your car, truck, or suv looking it’s possible best. 10/10 would recommend. If you’re on the fence about buying, just go ahead and order this kit, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Marcus A.
Wow stop and read

You simply can not beat the performance and price of this kit I have spent way more money on big name brands every year always looking for something better non greasy until now sad part is I have followed shine supply for years on Instagram and just tried it smells are perfect and smooth different then almost everything I have used will be ordered a paint correction kit next.

Side note I gave all my other cleaners away because I simple don’t need them anymore didn’t care for them this covers pretty much everything you will need and want.

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