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Feed your leather.

Replenish your leather with a product that will truly soften and condition it.

Leather Conditioner is fortified with real lanolin and bees wax. These are the absolute best ingredients to properly condition and extend the life of your leather. Just a few treatments a year can add years of health to your seats.

If you neglect your leather, it’s more likely to fade, stain, and develop cracks. Like any other part of your vehicle, your leather needs to be properly taken care of or it will begin to show signs of wear and fatigue. Leather Conditioner makes it easy to keep your seats looking and feeling new.

Fall in love with your leather all over again!


Always clean your leather with a leather cleaner or mild all-purpose cleaner before conditioning. Shake well. Pour a small amount on to a clean towel or applicator. Thoroughly work the product into leather. Remove any excess with a clean towel. Very dry or neglected leather may need multiple treatments. 

Customer Reviews

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Great stuff been using for years

Bumbul Bee's Detailing
Pricy or not?????

I know this leather conditioner is pricy, but a little goes a long way. I condition leather materials weekly and I bought my gallon 6 months ago, and I still have material left in it today. This product is worth every penny!!! If you want your leather feeling soft, smooth, and rejuvenated this is the leather conditioner for you. I was hesitant buying it in the beginning but I have never been let down. I have been in the detailing business for seven years, I have tried it all. Jeremy really created a winner with this one!

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