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 Properly dressed.

Keep your interior looking new!

Dressed Up is a water based interior conditioner aimed at keeping your plastics and vinyl looking new. Unlike other glorified dressings that make your interior extremely greasy and shiny, Dressed Up actually rejuvenates your dry or faded plastics. This gives your interior the fresh, new look that you desire.

Not only will your interior plastics and vinyl look immaculate, it will also be protected. Dressed Up has a UV blocker as well. This means that your interior will be healthier for longer and fight off fading from the sun. The easiest way to understand this feature is to compare it to sun screen for your skin.

The UV blocker in Dressed Up doubles as an anti-static agent. This keeps dust and any other air borne particles from sticking to your plastics.


Apply generously to a soft applicator pad and apply to surface. Let product absorb into the surface for a few minutes. 

Use a clean microfiber towel to even out surface and leave it dry-to-the-touch. 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome like always

Jayden @ High and Wide Detailing
My Favorite Product!

My clients and I adore Dressed Up. When detailing a vehicle, this is by far my favorite part of the job. This conditioner leaves such a wonderful finish and leaves no trace of dust!

Every time I hand the keys back to a client, they are amazed at the condition of their plastics and compliment me on the smell of the interior. I highly recommend picking up a gallon of Dressed Up! You won't regret it!

Bumbul Bee's Detailing
My Everything

Dressed up the the ultimate UV sheen protection to interior pleather, trim, and rubber door jam seals. I love how this product is water based. Tip*try not to over spray it will show. Always apply it while priming your microfiber pad. If you think you are going to use this on a matte surface.... You are wrong, it will leave your final surface slightly glossy.

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