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Clear up your glass!

Dealing with pesky hard water spots on your glass or noticing your chrome looking a bit lackluster? Don't worry, Glass Polish is here to lend a hand and bring back that shine you've been missing! Say goodbye to those stubborn hard water spots, mineral deposits, and even surface rust on your chrome. With Glass Polish, restoring your surfaces is a breeze. After just a few quick passes, you'll be amazed at how clear your windows become and how your chrome sparkles like new again.



Shake well. Make sure the glass or chrome is clean and dry. Put a small amount of Glass Polish on a soft cloth or applicator pad. Thoroughly rub the polish onto the spots you want to treat. Let it sit for a moment to work its magic. Use a clean cloth to buff the surface until it's clear and shiny.

Avoid contact with window moldings and trim to avoid staining. 


Pro Tips:

Enhance the shine on your glass by using one of our Shine Supply glass cleaners after polishing. For an added pop on chrome surfaces, follow up with Ride Shine detail spray!

It works wonders for removing hard water spots from shower doors!

Customer Reviews

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Chris Donaldson

This stuff works wonders. Most water spot removers either suck or are a pain to work with, but this is seriously one of the best chemicals I have used, I never have to 2nd guess if this product will give results or not, and that says a lot about removing water spots. Amazing work, thank you.

Brogan Chapman
The best water spot I've ever used!!

I love this stuff. It really does remove water spots on glass. It has a minty smell to it which is a plus. I know it's made for glass, but I've used it on paint as well and it removes water spots with no after problems. Shine Supply has been the best. Glad I discovered them. Can't wait to buy more and review more products.

Amazing glass polish

I've used several 3M products and various other polishes for glass from competing brands and this is hands down my favorite polish available. I use it to remove difficult water spots, also before ceramic coating glass with beadlock.
a little goes a long way and you'll be amazed at how new your windows look. BUY NOW! :D

Zach Beard
Simply amazing

I bought this 4-5 years ago and would occasionally use it. Bought a used vehicle with these strange light scratch marks in the glass. Within minutes this product made my windows look new again with little to no effort.

Trent King
Amazing product

I purchased this product as I've had an awful time in Hawaii with water spots. If you've lived here you know the water is so hard and almost seems impossible to remove. This product removed them with ease. Very impressed and I will 100% purchase again.

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