Beadlock Marine Ceramic Coating

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Life insurance for your watercraft. 

Beadlock Marine Ceramic Coating creates a hard-sacrificial barrier which shields your watercraft and/or vehicle from the abuse coming from the sun and other harsh elements.

How does it work? Beadlock Marine Ceramic Coating contains SiO2 (silica dioxide) which is the primary component of glass and is what gives glass its strength and hardness. This integrated SiO2 technology makes this product far more durable and hydrophobic than any wax or sealant.

Product may be used on gel coats, boat bumper rails, vehicles, metal surfaces, glass and painted plastic surfaces.


Prep: Wipe down the surface with Throw Back paint cleanser to remove any oils/residue left from your polishing step.

Optional step if needed: Polish the surface to reduce any surface defects and create maximum gloss. Wipe down the surface with Throw Back paint cleanser to remove any oils/residue left from your polishing step.

Apply: Shake Beadlock Marine well. Apply directly onto the applicator pad and spread product evenly onto the surface. Product will have an “oil slick/rainbow” look to it as it begins to dry. This effect should begin within seconds. Give it a minimum of 60 seconds to set up and then remove using a clean microfiber towel. How do you know it’s ready to be removed? Perform a test spot with your microfiber towel. The coating will have some slight resistance when you wipe. This slight resistance lets you know it’s ready for removal. If you have difficulty removing the product, you waited too long. Using an additional towel, lightly wipe over the area again to ensure product is even and level on the surface. Once you have wiped with the second towel the coating will begin to “set-up”. Do not go back into an area minutes later and re-wipe or you could cause streaking. 



  • Q - What’s the difference between Beadlock Marine coating and our Beadlock Pro?
  • A - Beadlock Marine is 2.5x more concentrated than BLP and has a solvency customized for the marine climate - it’s designed for use in hot, humid climates. The higher concentration provides for a single coat application whereas lower concentrated coatings such as BLP require several layers due to the porous aspect of gel coat.
  • Q - How many boats can you coat with a 50ml bottle?
  • A - (1) Malibu LSV 23 or similar size boat. 
  • Q - Can you apply to travel trailers, motor homes,  wave runners, etc?
  • A - Yes! 
  • Q - Can you apply multiple coats? And how many?
  • A -  Although a single layer is extremely adequate protection - yes you can! Make sure you wait (1) hour in between coats.  
  • Q - When is the coating dry?
  • A - Coating is dry within (1) hour of application. After (1) hour you can stack the coating with another layer if you choose or wipe down with Punch-It synergy spray to make the surface even slicker!
  • Q - When is the coating fully cured?
  • A - Coating is fully cured and hardened after 48 hours. It's best to avoid water contact during this period if possible. If water contact happens, make sure you dry the surface to avoid any water spotting. 
  • Q - Can you still get water spots on your boat if it's ceramic coated? 
  • A - Ceramic Coating is harder than your boats gel coat so it does provide superior protection against water spot etching BUT water spot etching can still happen if you are negligent with how you care for the coating. ALWAYS wipe the surface down with Shine Supply Aftermath water spot remover immediately upon docking the boat to prevent minerals in the water from etching the coating. 

Coating Specs:

  • Hardness: >9H
  • pH resistance: 2-13
  • Durability: up to 2 years (aquatic)
  • Thickness: single layer 4-5 microns 
  • Contact angle: 110° 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jude Peltier
Best coating around!

This is my second time using this coating for clients! This stuff works amazing for the elements in Louisiana! This coating my go to from now on!

Kevin Brown
Stout Coating

This is one of those coatings you know is going to be awesome as soon as you go to level that first section.

Due to the Marine version having more SiO2 it feels thicker, beefier...more stout than a lot of other coatings in this price range. This doesn't mean it is difficult to work with because I found this coating pretty user-friendly.

Working mobile on a 60-degree fall day in Nebraska usually means fairly long flash times for some coatings and the search for the flash can sometimes feel like an eternity. Beadlock Pro Marine didn't flash super fast but not so long that I felt like I was falling behind on time.

I actually applied this to a client's 2022 VW Tiguan (black) to have that thicker single layer application. Plus, being in the land of salted roads in the winter, I wanted stronger protection in that single layer.

The coating went on thick which meant less is actually more. Wipe off wasn't too bad either. Once you feel that resistance it's time to level.

The initial feeling wasn't that slick but after even an hour the coating was much slicker and the gloss was beginning to really come out. Three hours later and the finish was very satisfactory.

I'm going to remove the current coating on my own vehicle (2018 Buick Regal TourX in Dark Moon Blue Metallic) and give this coating a spin over the upcoming nasty Nebraska winters.

Beyond amazing

Ordered a 100ml to do 2 boats and wow does this stuff work. After letting it sit for a few days I wiped down and prayed water on it and just rolled off better then a fresh wax job and didn’t even have to dry afterwards and left no water spots. Question is can I apply this to the interior of my boat like the vinyl seats? Would think so but didn’t want to hurt anything or waist it because this stuff is gold.

G.O.A.T Sauce

By far the nicest and easiest coating system I have ever worked with ! Super strong and the water and other elements do not stand a chance on what ever you coat with this. With the high humidity down here in Florida this coating was still super easy to apply and level out my next order will have two in my cart , every thing I coat from here on out only gets this sauce . 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thank you for such a awesome product.

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