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The Tango Microfiber Polishing Pad - 5”

Sale price$15.95

Put some "Tango" in your polishing. 

The Tango microfiber polishing pad is an industry first pad design created exclusively for Shine Supply. 

Shine Supply has teamed up with Lake Country Manufacturing to create this dual layer microfiber pad. We have integrated the dual layer pad structure of the HDO foam pads into this unique microfiber polishing pad. The dual layer design includes a white foam interface layer which reduces heat from being transferred into the foam - keeping your pad performing its best. The white foam layer absorbs heat and friction which is the number one cause of premature pad failure. The dual layer design causes your pad to last significantly longer than a traditional single layer microfiber pad, saving you time and money. 

Why do we call it the Tango?

Polishing paint is like a dance. You have to engage the process with passion and patience. You have to feel the movement of your polisher and allow it to be connected with the body lines of the vehicle. The Tango microfiber pad adapts perfectly to the body lines and its unique design quickly removes unwanted heat during use, preventing it from building up in the pad. 

The Tango microfiber pad was designed to perform on all paint types. It functions right in-between a microfiber cutting & finishing pad making the perfect choice for paint enhancement polishing. Enhancement polishing is when you're not chasing every defect but you need swirls & light defects quickly removed. The typical choice in this scenario would be to use a foam pad but foam pads lack the performance to remove defects quickly. As professionals, we are on a time schedule but we also can’t jeopardize results. As a hobbyist, you want performance without the risk, the Tango is a great choice. 

Pair this pad with any Shine Supply compound or polish and find the combo that works for each job. 

It’s time to Tango. 


  • 5” pad diameter 
  • Exclusive dual layer design reduces heat and friction transfer, helping prevent premature pad failure
  • Special microfiber blend cuts through defects without leaving excessive haze
  • Dual layer design lasts longer than single layer microfiber pads
  • The taller pad design allows you to roll over body lines with ease without sacrificing performance