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Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Bucket Insert (Color Will Vary)

Sale price$30.00

Don't let that dirt swim around.  

The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock is your vehicle’s first line of defense against unsightly, wash-induced swirls. Where does all that dirt that you wash off of your car go? Onto your wash mitt and back into your bucket to be redeposited on your car’s paint job causing nasty swirl marks and scratches. The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock prevents dirt from making its way back to your car during washing.

The Detail Guardz Dirt Lock unique design fits into any five gallon bucket.

This patented design utilizes the motion of your hand to pump and trap debris underneath the screen. The Dirt Lock has a complex Venturi filtering system that manipulates the flow of water in a downward direction. This allows dirt particles to collect underneath the screen without a way for it to re-enter into the clean water. In short, every time you pump your hand in the bucket you are cycling the dirt underneath the screen and replenishing clean water above to help prevent swirl-marks and scratches on the painted surface.


  • Manipulates the flow of water, allowing debris to be trapped under the screen
  • Tapered filters cycle dirt particles underneath the filter and clean water above
  • Flexible rubber tabs lock the unit in the bucket
  • Automatic self adjusting tension for easy install / removal in nearly all buckets
  • Solid industrial plastic makes the unit sink like an anchor 
  • Chemical & crush resistant
  • Rinse & re-use 
  • Dirt Lock pad washer attachment add-on feature


Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Bucket Insert (Color Will Vary)
Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Bucket Insert (Color Will Vary) Sale price$30.00