Winter Protection Kit

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Winter is here.

The Shine Supply winter protection kit provides your paint with extra protection during winter's harsh conditions. 

What protection option should you choose?

  • If your vehicle IS NOT ceramic coated choose the kit with the Daddy-O Sealant option
  • If your vehicle IS ceramic coated choose the kit with the Cherry Silica Wax option

    Kit includes:


    2 application options:



    • After applying your choice of protection to the entire vehicle, take the large blue applicator, spray Clutch directly onto the applicator and remove the protection using this method. This saves a step by removing the protection while laying down a layer of Clutch. After applying Clutch to the entire vehicle use (2) microfiber towels to remove the Clutch. One towel to "break" the top film of Clutch and the 2nd towel to even out the finish.


    • Check out our WINTER KIT highlight video on our @shinesupply Instagram!