The Wet Shine Kit

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Easy to use with eye-catching results.

For those looking for the ultimate wash and wax for your clients OR your personal vehicles - the Wet Shine combo is your answer.

This is one of the best processes for a wash and wax that will give your vehicle a look that we know you'll dig!

Wet Detailer is a unique product that quickly seals and protects your paint while leaving an amazing shine that lasts about 2 months. Adding the layer of Signature Shine wax steps up the protection to 6 months and drastically increases the depth and shine!


  • (2) Shine Supply Hyper-Soft towels
  • (1) Wet Detailer Xpress sealant -16oz
  • (1) Signature Shine carnauba paste wax
  • (1) Plush microfiber wax applicator pad


  1. Wash the vehicle using soap of choice, we prefer Shine Soap for this process.
  2. Rinse vehicle.
  3. While the vehicle is still wet, apply Wet Detailer to each panel and dry it into the surface. The product will dry transparent but will leave some shadowing, this is normal and the following step clears it up.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Signature Shine Paste Wax using the provided wax applicator pad.
  5. Remove the wax using one of the Hyper-Soft towels.


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