Wake-Up - 16oz

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Remove light defects, oxidation, and add protection in one step. 

The hot summer sun is brutal and quickly breaks down traditional waxes. Our ceramic cleaner wax is loaded with unique ingredients that won't break down under the sun's UV rays. We've also included a light cleaning agent that helps clear up stubborn water spots that won't come off with your normal wipe-downs. Apply it freely in the sun or shade.


Shake well. Apply a small amount to an applicator pad. Use some good ol' elbow grease and rub out the surface. Don't be shy - the more you rub the better cleaning ability you'll get from the product. Let it dry to a haze and then remove it using a microfiber towel.


  • Always use Aftermath water spot remover for your maintenance wipe-downs.
  • Top Wake-Up with our Punch-It synergy spray for added gloss and protection!

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