Grit Guard (colors may vary)

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Don't let that dirt swim around.  

The Professional Grit Guard is your vehicle’s first line of defense against unsightly, wash-induced swirls. Where does all that dirt that you wash off of your car go? Onto your wash mitt and back into your bucket to be redeposited on your car’s paint job causing nasty swirl marks and scratches. The Professional Grit Guard prevents dirt from making its way back to your car during washing.

The Professional Grit Guard’s unique design fits into any five gallon bucket. The raised grid on the Professional Grit Guard creates a space deep in the bucket to trap all of that grime from your wash mitt, keeping it from making its way back onto your car. All of the grit settles safely below the Professional Grit Guard into one of four quadrants. The quadrants assure that the water in your bucket will not slosh the grime and grit back up into your clean water. Wait until you see all of the dirt at the bottom of your bucket!