Quick Polish & Wax Kit

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Wash, polish & protect. Real quick. 

You wanna polish & wax your ride by hand?

This is your kit.

We are all about car shows, cruz nights and anything else that involves car guys & gals getting together to show off their rides. Keep these timeless events alive and make sure you always show up looking good! 

Our Cruz Night Kit will give the shine you need. This easy to use kit requires no machines, just a little bit of good old elbow grease!


What's included:


(1) Ride Shine detail spray - 16oz

(1) Banana Shine wax - 16oz

(1) Cruz Night polish - 16oz

(1) Shine Soap - 16oz

(2) Small Blue Applicator Pads

(2) Ultra plush edge-less microfiber towels


How do you use it?

  1. Wash vehicle with Shine Soap and dry thoroughly. 
  2.  Apply Cruz Night one section at a time using a blue microfiber applicator pad then remove. 
  3.  Apply Banana Shine to the entire vehicle using a blue microfiber applicator pad then remove.
  4.  Final wipe down with Ride Shine.


How do you maintain your shine?

  1. Wash weekly with Shine Soap.
  2. Wipe down with Ride Shine using a blue edge-less microfiber towel. Apply Cruz Night & Banana Shine as desired. 


Pro Tips:

  • Use Cruz Night anytime you want that extra "pop" from your paint. Follow with Banana Shine for added gloss & protection. 
  • Cruz Night works awesome on chrome. Lightly cleans the chrome surface and adds amazing shine.

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