"Lucky Wheels" Trucker Foam Snapback Hat (Curved Bill) - Black/Black

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“You got some Lucky Wheels.”

Back in the day, you would hear this term “Wheels” used as a way to say “car” or “truck”. You can almost hear the high school parking lot of the 1950’s or maybe the drive-in theater when the boys would pull in...”Hey man, I dig your wheels”.

We wanted to bring this back and add the word “Lucky” to say, if you use Shine Supply, you got some “Lucky Wheels”.

The 1971 Chevrolet C10 front end is the truck I grew up in. This truck taught me a lot about life. The value of hard work, the value of family, and how there is times in life where you have to give something away to get something that’s far more valuable. 

We’re hoping this shirt starts conversations and gets you talking, which is what builds relationships. This brand is about creating culture. Shine Supply Culture.

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