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This product is made of the world-renowned Crazy Pile fabric, which is also used in the Crazy Pile towels as a wax-buffing towel or detailing towel. This material is extremely versatile, and in it’s new form it takes on new purpose as well.

Use it together with interior cleaners on dashboards, for removing leather conditioners on leather seats or even to remove wax or sealants from paint. The Crazy Bag is made like a mitt including an elastic band at the wrist, so it will stay on your hand and won’t fall off.  

Crazy Bag is consists of a 75% polyester 25% polyamide blend, and excels at buffing off quick detailer, spray wax, sealants, waxes, and polishes, as well as sensitive interior surfaces. Each Microfiber Madness Towel comes with a proper towel care insert in the packaging. 

Target Applications:

  • Waxes
  • Sealants
  • Quick Detailers
  • Spray Wax
  • Polishes
  • Tight rear glass screen areas
  • Interior Cleaning


  • Tag built inside Crazy bag for tagging its purpose
  • Lint Free
  • Stays soft and paint safe, wash after wash
  • Size: 7 3/4" x 6"
  • Blend: 75/25
  • Gsm: 500
  • Edge: N/A
  • Color: Baby Blue
  • Made in Germany
Inspection & Packaging:
All Microfiber Madness products are hand inspected twice before being shipped to us here at Shine Supply (www.shinesupply.com). They are shipped in resealable bags to prevent contamination and these bags are suitable for later storage if you wish as well.

Microfiber Care:

When caring for microfiber towels there are a few simple rules to live by.  Microfiber towels should only be washed with other microfiber towels.  If you wash with other types of fabrics like cotton, etc, the microfiber will retain lint from those fabrics.  Wash with "MICRO-CLEAN" microfiber detergent which contains everything you want and nothing you do not.  NEVER use fabric softeners or dryer sheets.  When drying, dry on a very low heat cycle and never leave them in the dryer long enough to overheat.  A dry microfiber that is heated to a certain point melts and becomes a danger to paint.  Rinsing your new towels in the washer is always a good habit but also be aware that some colors may bleed onto others if you mix colors during that first wash cycle. After use, microfiber cloths should be stored, washed, and kept separate according to their task.  In other words you would never use a wheel towel and then mix it with your paint towel.  Mixing wax and sealant towels with glass and drying towels are a good way to remove absorbency from or cause streaking with your drying towels.  Interior or doorjamb towels will collect sand and particles you would never want in your paint buffing towels so keep those separate as well just to be safe.  With proper use and care your microfiber cloths will help you create a quality detail every time!


Points to Review:


  • All microfiber should be washed once before use to remove any loose fiber from the towel.
  • Bold or bright colors should be washed separate the first time to avoid color exchange. For safest procedure keep separate for a few washes minimum as there is always a chance for color bleeding between distinctly different Microfiber towel colors
  • Do not mix with towels used for other tasks 
  • Wash with "MICRO-CLEAN" safe up to 140F
  • NEVER use fabric softener sheets
  • Dry in the dryer only on cool or low heat

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