Cquartz 30ML Kit

$57.99 USD

Recommended for Professional use only.



  • Cquartz offers an extremely durable hard glass coat which can protect for more than 20+ months against minor scratches, acid rain, bird droppings, corrosive traffic film, tar and harmful UV rays.
  • As well as protecting it also offers a deep, rich gloss with self cleaning properties, making future washing of your vehicle, faster and easier. Cquartz can prevent 50% of light wash marring. 
  • Ultra hard CQuartz contains ceramic nano particles found within glass, the result is a highly reflective, transparent layer offering incredible durability 
  • Average thickness of Cquartz layer is between 1 µm ~2 µm.
  • Once applied, Cquartz forms a strong chemical bond, cross linking during the curing process. This offers excellent durability, with a high level of gloss & reflectivity. 
  • Cquartz active ingredients form a precise and uniformed level layer, giving strong water and oil repellence. Thus preventing stains on the paints surface.
  • Resists extremely high temperatures.  Feel free to coat engine components, etc that correspond to the materials shown.

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