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You need quick results that will last.

With over 20 years in the mobile detailing industry, we understand the needs of mobile detailers. You fight the elements, price battles and time restraints while still trying to deliver quality results. You need a product that provides true correction, works in the sun and provides results that can be seen for months - not just one or two washes. Burn Out reconditioning cream is your ultimate one step liquid solution. Removes defects, creates high gloss, and leaves the surface primed with a layer of Sio2 protection. Formulated with our unique diminishing abrasives, Burn Out gives you true correction while Clutch silica spray builds an even more durable layer of Sio2 protection giving you a minimum of 6 months protection!


  • Reduces swirl marks 
  • creates crazy gloss and SHINE
  • provides durable silica protection that won't wash off 
  • Does not fill in the defects
  • Zero dust
  • Formulated with diminishing abrasives 
  • 6 months protection


Which pad should you choose?

 BLUE - This pad is for harder paints and will give you maximum defect removal for a one-step polish job. The foam is stiffer than the orange pad (which is why it cuts more) but still contours nicely to the vehicles surface. 

ORANGE - This pad is for softer paints and will give you good defect removal while being very user friendly. 


Pad highlights:

These foam pads our superior to other foam pads being that they are specifically designed for large throw DA polishers. The white interface absorbs heat and keeps it from transferring to the foam. When the foam consumes heat it cause the pads to break down prematurely and you loose performance. 


Kit includes:

(1) Small Blue Applicator Pad

(2) Foam pads for use with Dual Action polishers 

(1) Burn Out reconditioning cream 16oz.

(1) Clutch silica spray

(2) Shine Supply Hyper-Soft microfiber towels


Here's your steps:

  • Apply Burn Out using the blue or orange foam pad with your Dual Action polisher. Use overlapping passes till desired results are achieved, the smaller sections you work - the more correction (swirl reduction) you will get. Remember you aren't trying to make the paint perfect with Burn Out - you are reducing swirls, creating a high gloss and priming the surface for Clutch
  • Apply Burn Out to 2-3 panels and then go back and remove using the included Hyper-Soft microfiber towel. This allows the SiO2 to "set-up" and primes the surface for your top layer of protection. If you're working in direct sun - wipe off after one panel. Continue this process around the entire vehicle.
  • Spray Clutch directly on the blue microfiber applicator and wipe on the entire vehicle using back and forth passes. Wipe Clutch on ALL painted surfaces and ALL exterior trim surfaces. 
  • Remove Clutch using the included Hyper-Soft towel. Wipe using firm pressure, flip the towel and give it a few more light pressure wipes. You will see some light streaking, keep going around the vehicle and the streaks will usually self level. If you still see some light streaking - use very light pressure wipes till surface is even and streak-free. 








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