Rupes Twisted Coarse Wool Pad - 6"

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Rupes wool cutting pad.

The new RUPES twisted natural wool pad is constructed of a premium blend of 100% natural lamb’s wool and assembled with a precise strand length of 35mm. No synthetic fibers or fillers are used in the construction of the pad and each strand is steam set to ensure consistency and fastness of color. 


Technical Specifications:

  • Fits on a 5" backing plate
  • For use with rotary polishers only
  • Works amazing with Classic Cut compound or Chop Top fast cut compound
  • Blend of various 100% natural lamb’s wool with no synthetic fibers.
  • Highly refined twisted strands ensure consistency across the entire pad surface
  • Maximized fiber density for increased surface area and optimal performance
  • Steam treated to set fibers and coloring after production. 

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