6" Dual Action Polisher

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Imagine this polisher as a car. It’s not the slickest design, not the most expensive, and not the leader of its class.

But with the correct pad and combo (*cough-cough* Classic Cut with Microfiber pad), you can give the other high-end polisher a run for their money!

This is such a versatile machine that it can be used by a season veteran or a complete newbie!

It’s traditional orbital throw is safe to not burn through clear coat. BUT, when I was testing how much downward pressure the polisher could take before the the pad stopped rotating, I was shocked.. The pad never stopped rotating!

I literally put my entire body on this machine and the pad kept on rotating (speed 5 & 6)!

I even put this machine against STONE-COLD HARD Mercedez clear coat. And guess what.. I was able to remove 3000 grit sanding with this machine (Classic Cut+Microfiber pad)!

No matter if you’re a totally new to detailing, if you just started your detailing business, or if you’re a seasoned veteran..This machine WILL NOT disappoint!


  • Superman powered 7-amp 85-watt motor
  • 6 speed variable gear setting with wider RMP range
  • 2,500 - 6,800 orbits per minute… pretty much means FAST
  • More torque, better performance… more powa!
  • Adjustable handle for those Macho-Men detailers!
  • Long 10 foot power cord
  • 6 inch backing plate included
  • Wider 5/16” orbit pattern for faster and better results