Griots Garage G9 6" Dual Action Polisher

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Imagine this polisher as a car. It’s not the slickest design, not the most expensive, and not the leader of its class.

But with the correct pad and combo (*cough-cough* Classic Cut with Microfiber pad), you can give the other high-end polisher a run for their money!

This is such a versatile machine that it can be used by a season veteran or a complete newbie!

It’s traditional orbital throw is safe to not burn through clear coat. BUT, when I was testing how much downward pressure the polisher could take before the the pad stopped rotating, I was shocked.. The pad never stopped rotating!

I literally put my entire body on this machine and the pad kept on rotating (speed 5 & 6)!

I even put this machine against STONE-COLD HARD Mercedez clear coat. And guess what.. I was able to remove 3000 grit sanding with this machine (Classic Cut+Microfiber pad)!

No matter if you’re a totally new to detailing, if you just started your detailing business, or if you’re a seasoned veteran..This machine WILL NOT disappoint!


  • Powerful 1000-watt, 8.5-amp motor
  • 9mm orbit throw
  • Fan-cooled counter-balance (patent pending)
  • Premium bearing construction
  • Fitted with 6" Vented Orbital Backing Plate
  • 2000 - 6400 orbits per minute
  • 10-foot quick-connect 18 AWG SJO rubber power cord
  • 6 speed settings
  • Speed dial accessible for right- and left-hand users
  • Constant speed control
  • Double-shot rubber platypus head-grip, and strategically placed all over tool
  • Shroud grip contoured to accommodate four fingers
  • Rest pads for tool to lay stable on its back
  • Quick access brush side ports
  • Includes 14 mm backing plate wrench, and replacement high-carbon brushes
  • Convertible to a 5" pad system with optional 5" Vented Orbital Backing Plate

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