Pro Paint Correction Complete Kit

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The Detailers complete kit gives you everything needed to perform all exterior detailing services. Whether you want to do a fast one step polish and protection job or perform a full paint correction detail, this kit has you covered.

We are all about helping detailers create the right packages to offer their clients. You should have options without confusion. When a clients is looking to have their vehicle detailed they are looking for 1 of the following 3 things:

1. Protection

2. Gloss and protection

3. Correction, gloss and protection

Listen and ask questions until you find out exactly what the client is looking to achieve.

Here's a breakdown of different combos and services you can put together with this kit based off the above 3 goals you are trying to achieve for them.

Goal #1 Protection:

Protection options:

  • Good -  Clutch silica spray
  • Better - Signature Shine paste wax
  • Best -   Daddy-O paint sealant

Goal #2 Gloss & Protection:

 Gloss options:

  • Good - Classic Polish with yellow foam pad
  • Better - Slick Back with yellow foam pad
  • Best - Burn Out reconditioning cream with yellow foam pad

 Protection options:

  • Choose one of the options from "Goal #1" listed above


Goal #3 Correction & Protection:

 Step #1 Correction options:

  • Good - Classic Cut with yellow foam pad
  • Better - Classic Cut with Uro-fiber pad
  • Best - Flat Top with Uro-fiber pad

 Step #2 Gloss options: 

(This step will be dependent on if the paint is hard or soft. Perform a small test spot in an inconspicuous area to see what combo works best and leaves the finish with optimal clarity)

  • Classic Polish with yellow or white foam pad
  • Slick Back with white foam pad


Protection options:

  • Good - Signature Shine paste wax topped with Clutch silica spray
  • Best - Daddy-O paint sealant topped with Clutch silica spray


 Kit includes:

(1) Rupes Mark II 21mm Random Orbital Polisher


(1) Rupes Mark III 15mm Random Orbital Polisher


(2) Euro-fiber pads

(2) Rupes yellow foam polishing pads

(2) Rupes white foam finishing pads

(1) Flat Top compound -16oz

(1) Classic Cut compound - 16 oz

(1) Burn Out reconditioning cream - 16 oz

(1) Classic Polish - 16 oz

(1) Slick Back primer polish - 16 oz

(1) Daddy-O sealant - 16 oz

(1) Clutch silica spray - 16 oz

(1) Signature Shine paste wax - 8 oz

(1) Hand Applicator