DIY Paint Correction Starter Kit

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You're not a professional detailer but you wanna polish your paint...

This is your kit.

Saturday is looking like the perfect day to spend getting your ride dialed in with our "DO-IT-YOURSELF" paint correction kit. 


Our Paint Correction Starter Kit gives you what you need to remove light/medium swirls, create a super high gloss and leave your paint with solid carnauba wax protection. 


Kit includes:

(1) Griots 6' DA polisher

(1) Limited Edition Signature Shine paste wax

(1) Classic Cut 16oz

(1) Classic Polish 16oz

(1) Microfiber hand applicator (solid white)

(2) Microfiber cutting pad (red&white)

(2) Microfiber finishing pads (black&white)


 Here's your steps:

1. Wash vehicle with (4) ounces Hot Shot Soap and (2) ounces Solution in (4) gallons of water. (This will strip your paint and prep it for your polishing)

2. Clay bar all painted surfaces with our Purple Clay Bar and Shine Mist.

3. Classic Cut using the microfiber cutting pad (red&white) / speed 5

4. Classic Polish using the microfiber finishing pad (black&white) / speed 4

5. Apply a thin coat of Signature Shine paste wax using the white applicator pad.



  • The more thorough you are with step #1 - the better results you will get. Use slow arm speed and cycle the product all the way out till it's almost transparent. Keep your pad clean during compound and polishing steps using a pad cleaning brush. Visually split the vehicle into 4 sections. Change pads on your polishing machine a quarter way through the job. This allows the pads to cool off, promoting the life of the pad. Go back to the cooled off pad after each quarter section. 
  • OPTIONAL STEP: If your vehicle has softer paint you may have some light haze in the paint after your 2nd polishing step with Classic polish. This will require a quick 3rd step to remove the light haze. Use Classic Finish with the HDO black foam pad  to quickly remove the haze and leave the finish nice and clear, ready to be topped with Signature Shine wax. 


Now you've got your paint looking good, how do you keep it that way?