Rupes Nano Long Neck Polisher Kit - HR81ML/BLX

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The Bigfoot iBrid Nano polisher is more than just technology, this mini polisher is considered as one of the most versatile on the market today thanks to several factors such as the functionality as both battery powered and cord powered tool and the possibility be configured with 3 different functional movements including 3mm random orbital, 12mm random orbital, and rotary. Those movements can then be coupled with a variety of backing plates and brush attachments for various tasks. Orbital movement, rotary movement, polishing, sanding, cleaning, all-in-one compact easy to use system.

With so much versatility combined into a compact, ergonomic, and lightweight device, the iBrid Nano is the ultimate tool allowing the users to work on difficult to reach areas, tight spaces, intricate details, and all the surfaces where a regular size corded tool would not work.

Rupes Bigfoot Nano iBrid Long-Neck Kit includes:

Accessories Case with container(9.Z987/BF )
AC-DC adaptor (9HP120LT)
2x Rechargeable power pack(9HB120LT)
Charger (9HC120LT)
Extension shaft for Nano polisher (70mm length - M8 = F - M6 = M) (291.390/C )
6x Velcro foam polishing pad COARSE Ø30/40mm (1”1/4) (9.BF40H/6 )
6x Velcro foam polishing pad FINE Ø30/40mm (1”1/4) (9.BF40M/6 )
4x Velcro foam polishing pad COARSE Ø50/70mm (2”) (9.BF70H/4 )
4x Velcro foam polishing pad FINE Ø50/70mm (2”)(9.BF70M/4 )
ZEPHIR polishing compound COARSE 150ml (9.BFZEPHIR150 )
KERAMIK polishing compound FINE 150ml (9.BFKERAMIK150 )
Rotary Functional Unit (562.390 )
3mm orbit Functional Unit(581.390/C )
12mm orbit Functional Unit(58.390/C )
Polishing backing pad Ø30mm (1”1/4)(995.001 )
Polishing backing pad Ø50mm (2”)(996.001 )
Sanding backing pad Ø30mm (1”1/4) (997.001)
Horsehair Medium Cup Brush (9.BF3000 )
Nylon Hard Cup Brush (9.BF3030 )
10x Adhesive Abrasive Discs for denibbing Ø35mm P2000 (9.4552)
10x Adhesive Abrasive Discs for denibbing Ø35mm P3000(9.45530)
4x Microfiber Cloths (9.BF9010/4 )

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