Buff N Shine EdgeGuard Foam Pad 5 inch- 2 Pack

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Game Changing Pads. 

These all new Buff and Shine EdgeGuard Foam Pads have been a staple in our detail shop for both cutting and polishing. These pads feature a patent pending EdgeGuard that allows you to center the pad, and peel the pad off the machine very easily. Do not be fooled by the foam; the Blue, Maroon, and Light Blue pad all pack a heavy punch and are able to pull out hefty defects when paired with the proper product. You can then step down to the Yellow, White, or Black pad depending on the clear coat type to get the gloss and clarity to a max.  

Pad Breakdown from heaviest cutting to finest polishing:

Blue Heavy Cut Foam Pad

  • Very coarse and stiff foam that will remove heavy defects when paired with the proper compound, will leave medium to heavy haze/marring. 

Maroon Medium Cut Foam Pad 

  • Softer than the Blue Pad yet still packs a bite that will remove medium grade defects while leaving minimal haze. Great for enhancement details. 

Blueberry Heavy Polishing Foam Pad

  • Our favorite pad here at Shine Supply, soft yet stiff pad that will grant you great defect removal without marring the paint. This pad is perfect for one step polishes or maintenance details. 

Yellow Polishing Foam Pad

  • Polishing pad great for heavy haze and marring or for harder clear coat types like Mercedes and Audi. 

White Polish/Finishing Foam Pad 

  • Works great on standard clear coat types with medium haze, will create amazing clarity while having some bite to remove the light to medium haze. 

Black Final Finishing Foam Pad 

  • This is the finest pads of them all, works amazing on soft clear coats that haze very easily, black paint, and will be a go to pad for your final polish when dealing with faint haze. 

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