Ceramic Coating Maintenance Kit

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Keep your coating in gear. 

Ceramic coatings need to be cared for with products designed to work specifically with the function of the coating.

Shift Soap leaves behind zero residue while being superior in its cleaning ability. Throttle Detail Spray pairs perfectly with the self cleaning properties of the ceramic coating due to its unique blend that leaves zero film behind which promotes the self-cleaning properties of the coating. Most detail sprays use polymers and waxes that can attract dust - you wanna attract attention to your paint, not dust. Lastly Clutch Silica Spray revives the coating with its industry leading 10% SiO2 blend. Clutch loads the coating surface back up with SiO2 and refreshes the hydrophobic properties like the day it was applied.


  • Shift Soap contains ZERO toxins and is 100% biodegradable.
  • Throttle does not contain polymers or wax and leaves NO transparent film behind that can attract dust. 
  • Clutch contains 10% SiO2 making it stand out in performance when refreshing ceramic coatings.

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